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Win Prizes And Raise Money for Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation [News]

The "Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation" is a great cause and "Legendary Women" is giving you the chance to contribute and win some great prizes! Read on to find out how to participate. Hurry, the drive ends on February 12th, so enter today!

They sent a press release and the full release follows.

Smallville Fans Unite to Raise Money for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

January 10, 2012 – Fans of the television show Smallville have banded together to raise money for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation and to honor two of their favorite characters, Lana Lang (played by Kristin Kreuk) and Chloe Sullivan (played by Allison Mack).  The fundraiser, sponsored by Legendary Women, Inc. and Sweet, will run from January 12 to February 12, 2012.  All monies raised will be donated to the Reeve Foundation on February 20, 2012.

 “There’s a tradition of Smallville fans raising money for the Reeve Foundation,” says Carolyn West of Legendary Women, Inc.  “It started in 2003 when Christopher Reeve first appeared on Smallville and it’s estimated fans have raised $7,600.00 over the years.  In 2010 Legendary Women, Inc. turned it into an annual event and last year we were able to personally present actress Allison Mack with a certificate showing how much had been donated.”

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  “It made sense that this year Smallville fandom would unite to honor Lana and Chloe,” adds Katie Silverman of Sweet.  “On the show both characters cared deeply about the world and went to extraordinary measures to help others.  Even though Smallville is now off the air, we can keep their spirits alive by supporting the Reeve Foundation in its efforts to cure spinal cord injuries and help those living with paralysis.”

Those interested in contributing to the fundraisers can donate through Pay Pal at [email protected] or by going directly to the donation page of The Reeve Foundation’s website (www.christopherreeve.org) and taking the time to add a note indicating that they’re donating as part of the Smallville fundraiser.

There are also two raffles, one with prizes featuring Lana Lang/Kristin Kreuk and the other with prizes featuring Chloe Sullivan/Allison Mack.  Tickets for the raffle can be purchased at www.legendarywomen.org  
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Legendary Women, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the promotion of positive images of women in the media and to fundraise for charities that help women.  Founded in 2010, it has raised money for The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, SA-YES and Moving Creations, Inc.  In January 2012, it launched the website www.legendarywomen.org as a way to celebrate positive female characters, highlight real world women role models and discuss feminist issues in the media.  In February 2012 it will highlight and celebrate Smallville’s Chloe Sullivan

Sweet is an on-line forum for fans of the pairing of Clark Kent and Lana Lang from the television show Smallville. Created in 2002, it has over 40,000 members and has held two different campaigns that have raised over $3,000 for The Reeve Foundation in the past.  The forum’s archives can be found at http://lanaclark.suddenlaunch2.com/index.cgi and its current, active incarnation is located at http://z13.invisionfree.com/lanaclark/index.php?act=idx

The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation – was founded in 1982 as the American Paralysis Foundation. After his accident in 1995 Christopher and his wife Dana Reeve dedicated their names and energies to curing spinal cord injury. The Foundation funds innovative research and improves the quality of life for people living with paralysis through grants, information and advocacy. More about the Reeve Foundation can be found at www.christopherreeve.org 
Photo Credit
Allison Mack receives a certificate from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation detailing how much money was raised by Smallville fans in 2011.
Photographer: Corina Lombardi-Adamousky
© Legendary Women Inc 2011

Would you like to help the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation?

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