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Why Geeks Are Angry at George Lucas [Rant]

Today we have a guest rant from Collider. In an article about David Fincher, Steve Weintraub delivers a perfect explanation why Star Wars fans are so upset over the changes made in the Blu-ray release of the movies.
[...] Let me address why everyone is mad at George Lucas: he constantly tweaks his beloved movies, but he never made the original versions available after making the alterations. The fact is, I wouldn't care if Lucas had Greedo shooting first, or Luke screaming when he's falling at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, or even if he made more drastic changes, if he’d just offer the original theatrical versions without one edit or color correction.
And that's what Lucas doesn't understand.
Sure the fans are pissed that he keeps changing the movies, but they're more upset that he won't offer the original versions. He could silence every complaint and critic if he'd just release the original versions on Blu-ray. Hell, he could get a huge percentage of fans to double dip and buy the movies all over again if he'd offer the original versions on Blu-ray next year.
Rant over.
You get it? What bothers people most is not that he's changing the movies. With a lot of movies, it's become a tradition to put multiple DVDs out for the theatrical release, the unrated version, the director's cut, etc. But the key is that we as a consumer get to choose which one we want to watch. Lucas doesn't want us to choose which version of Star Wars we like best. He's saying, "My new version is the only version you can get." He's trying to eliminate the freedom of choice. That's not cool.

Would You Buy the Edit-Free Version of Star Wars?
[Via Collider]


  1. I might, since I think I only have the original versions on VHS.
    It doesn't bother me as much that he doesn't offer the originals as the fact he won't stop messing with his own movies! Neither Cameron nor Nolan have ever gone back and changed things in their movies. I don't think Spielberg has either.

  2. I only care about the original trilogy, which was released in both its theatrical form and enhanced editions prior to the release of Phantom Menace. Of course, back then it was only available in DVD. I wouldn't buy anything more or less than the originals, which I did. Was George smarter back then, or is he planning to get that double dip later on?

  3. Well, yes, Spielberg has - erasing guns in the hands of the authorities on the ET DVD and digitally replacing them with walkie talkies. There were some other alterations too, but this was the biggie. He has since stated he wishes he hadn't done that, and won't do it again - but it proves the siren call of being able to continually update your movie at the drop of a keyboard is a strong one...much like the Dark Side...

    1. Good point. Much like Anakin, Lucas couldn't resist temptation and became drunk with power. Also like Anakin, Lucas got old and fat.


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