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The Series Finale of the "Star Trek: Voyager" Apartment [News]

Back in 2010, we reported on Tony Alleyne, a man in the UK who remodeled his 500-foot apartment (or "flat" as they say across the pond...pip-pip, cheerio) to mimic the look and feel of the USS Voyager from Star Trek: Voyager. To say it was incredible is an understatement. Among other things, Alleyne put in a voice-activated lighting system, a command console, aand a transporter room. It took ten years, cost over $150,000, put him into bankruptcy, and gained worldwide attention. You can take a virtual tour at his website...and enjoy it while it lasts, because it's all coming down.

Turns out Alleyne has an ex-wife who actually owns the apartment, and she wants to make her money back on it by selling it to someone else. The catch is that (oddly enough) she doesn't think there'll be much of a market for a Star Trek-themed apartment, especially since it doesn't have a kitchen or a place to sleep. So she's tearing it down. Can't we find someone to buy this place and preserve it? Anyone reading this who might want to buy it or knows someone who might want to buy it should contact Alleyne at 24th Century Interior Design ASAP. Seriously. I wish we could start a collection fund to buy this place. It's practically a national treasure. You could turn it into a museum or sell tickets for tours or maybe rent it out for the night.

Needless to say, Alleyne is devastated by the demolition of his life's work, but more so are all the geeks who lived vicariously through him. Then again, the destruction of the Voyager apartment can't be as bad as the series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise. Hey-ohhhhhhh.

Would you pay to spend the night or tour the Star Trek: Voyager Apartment? Would you pitch in a few bucks to save it?
[Via The Register via TrekToday]

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  1. She wants to tear it down? That is just pure evil.


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