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'Day of the Triffids' Song Shows The Positive Side of Alien Plants and Blindness [Video]

The Day of the Triffids has been a novel (1951) a feature film (1962), two radio dramas (1957 and 1968), and two TV series (1981 and 2009). Now at long last, it's a folk song.

The plot, for those who don't know, is that the world has been blinded by lights in the sky. Society has fallen apart and walking plants, called Triffids, have taken over and feed on rotting carcasses.

Award winning comic book artist David Flint has created a hauntingly beautiful song based on the novel. It's so happy and shiny it almost makes you glad to be blinded and forced to wander the devastated wasteland of society while being attacked by giant alien trees.

My favorite part is how it starts off saying we need to be optimistic.hilarious

Via Vicious Imagery
Does this song make you want to get along with man-eating shrubs?
[Image Source: blackholereviews]


  1. This kinda reminds me of the episode last night on "the River" where everyone ended up blind. Only there was no carnivorous plant. However, they needed some flower bulbs in order to get better. So there was a plant angle.


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