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By Your Command. Get This Cylon Wedding Cake [Image]

Geeky wedding cakes are a weakness of mine. That means both the bride and groom are geeky enough to share it with the world.

When I spotted this I had to laugh. A wedding cake topped by a Cylon and Number six. The bride known only as Awesome_endless said,
He originally wanted a Galactica (the ship) shaped cake, but we decided it wasn't in the budget. I really like the pretty/bada** juxtaposition of this cake though :) We bonded through BSG.
I think this works better. This one is truly unique.

Now, boys and girls, get out there and top this cake!

How awesome is this Battlestar Galactica cake?


  1. That is awesome! Number Six was really sexy.

  2. Love it! I'm a huge Battlestar Galactica fan. :)


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