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Would You Watch 'Keeping Up With The Cardassians?' [Image]

George Takei posted a fan image "Keeping Up With the Cardassians" based on the reality series "Keeping Up With Kardashian's". I wish I knew enough about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine or the Kardassians to know who they're supposed to be. Maybe you could share your thoughts in the comments.

To Trek fans this is a real knee-slapper, while others would ask the valid question, "What the heck is a Cardassian?" I'd watch it. Would you?

Would you watch Keeping Up With the Cardassians? Can you think of another scifi reality mash-up you'd watch?

Via Huffington Post
[Image Source: George Takei Facebook]


  1. Now that's funny! Yes, every time I've heard Kim's name I've thought of the race of Cardassians from DS9. That would be a much better show!

  2. With Deep Space 9, the Cardassians owned it first. What happened was that over 300 years, the Kardashians got so rich they built the space station. Then, they refused to pay the Federation property taxes, and the Federation evicted them. But also in 300 years, the name Kardashian due to linguistic evolution became Cardassian.


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