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Help "Voyage Trekkers" Build a Starship [Announcement]

If you've been enjoying the Voyage Trekkers webseries as much as we have, then you probably feel the same desire for more of the VT universe. Specifically, what does their spaceship look like? Well, that's up to you. That's because right now, Voyage Trekkers is having a campaign to raise money so they can build a working starship bridge* to shoot episodes on. For only $20, not only can you help build the set, but you can get a DVD of season one. That's right, no more hunching over your keyboard, squinting at your monitor to watch the funny. You can hunch over your couch, squinting at your TV, instead. Watch writer/director Nathan Blackwell and Adam Rini (Captain Sunstrike) themselves make their case via YouTube.

* Okay, not "working" in the sense that it's gonna take them into outer space. "Working" as in it'll have little blinking lights. Don't be so danged literal.

Would you like to see the starship on Voyage Trekkers? Then donate!

[Via YouTube]

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  1. Hmmm I have never heard of this. But it sounds interesting.


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