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Empire Strikes Back: The Radio Version [Video]

This Entertainment Tonight feature from 1982 is about a mostly forgotten classic, The Empire Strikes Back: The Radio Drama. The radio play aired in 1983 on National Public Radio, and featured many of the original cast, including Mark Hamill, Billy Dee Williams, and Anthony Daniels. When Hamill talks about doing voice work, I couldn't help thinking this might have been the birth of his celebrated voiceover career. Much like Marcia's role in The Brady Bunch Variety Hour, Harrison Ford's role was re-cast. Perry King played Han Solo.

You can listen to ten minutes of the original performance and watch photos and stills to enhance it on YouTube

Then again, you could also just put in the DVD. Just sayin'.  

[YouTube via Retrontario]

Would you listen to Star Wars: The Radio Drama?

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