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The Carrie Fisher vs. William Shatner Visual Timeline [Infographic]

For those trying to keep track of the YouTube arguements between William Shatner (Star Trek) Carrie Fisher (Star Wars) and George Takei (Star Trek, Star Wars), my brother and I present this visual timeline of their major arguments.

Just when we thought the war of words between William Shatner and Carrie Fisher about Star Trek or Star Wars being better, Shatner returns with another attack video. This one is aimed at George Takei, who tried to broker a peace treaty between them.

Since the battle isn't over yet, I made up this infographic. I created another chart before, but decided it needed a fresh format.

What do you think of the war of words? Can you choose a side?

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  1. Life is an adventure in forgiveness but they're keeping their wounds open by feuding. Paul has a point though maybe they're bluffing.

  2. lol - you know these stars are just all having some fun with their fake feuding to give the fans some online entertainment

  3. It's certainly amusing! I'd have to go with Shatner on this one.


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