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Can You Name All The Angry Bat-Birds Characters? [Images]

If you love Batman and Angry Birds, say hello to our little friends: Angry Bat-Birds.

There are eleven characters in the poster. Some are obvious like Batman. Can you name the ten others?

Illustrated by Daniel Halyburton and Jennifer Herd.

Via Bleeding Cool

Can you name the angry bat-birds?


  1. Great Entertainment Game I love this. I always welcomed your blog. By Regards Club Flyers

  2. Alex, its surprisingly addictive. Try it on google chrome.

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  3. Riddler bird, joker bird, two-face bird, bat girl bird, robin bird, commissioner gordon bird, penguin bird, Alfred bird, Bane bird,

  4. LOL We're having a Halloween day today - my little ones are both dressed up as Batman.

  5. You know, I've never even played this game...


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