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7 Reality Shows Mashed With Scifi Horror Movies [List]

Syfy has become notorious for airing Z-level sci-fi movies, but achieved a new low by announcing a new movie called Jersey Shore Shark Attack. The movie sounds bad enough with its Jaws-ripoff story of shark attacks in New Jersey, but it achieves craptastic levels by featuring cast members from the reality show/train wreck, Jersey Shore. The idea of combining cheesy sci-fi horror movies with reality shows opens a whole new genre. Here are seven reality shows that could be mashed up with horror movies.

1. Alien Idol

Desperate to reverse their falling ratings, the FOX Network moves the popular singing contest to the International Space Station. But when Paula Abdul bursts open from an alien embryo, the contestants struggle to survive Simon Cowell's insults and a bloodthirtsy Xenomorph.

2. The Amazing DeathRace 2000
The race around the world continues with new excitement as teams of couples carry out challenges while racing to the finish line. But an evil network executive turns the race deadly when the crew finds themselves forced to drive vehicles outfitted with powerful weapons. New challenges include competing to blow up the Eiffel Tower, and blowing holes in the Great Wall of China.

3. The Real Housewives of New Jersey vs. Godzilla -

The wealthy and bickering housewives need to put their differences aside when New Jersey is attacked by Godzilla. But things get complicated when a sex tape between one of the housewives and King Kong is leaked.

4. Dancing with the Thing

Washed-up celebrities compete for fame and prizes in a dance contest. The competition gets tougher when they discover a crashed UFO backstage. Now the heat is on knowing that any one of their dance partners could be a shape-shifting alien waiting to consume them.

5. Jon and Kate Plus Megashark

Jon and Kate are devastated when their kids are taken away by Child Protective Services. Desperate for another family and another shot at fame, Kate is impregnated with a prehistoric egg in an experimental procedure by a marine biologist. Kate gives birth, not to twins, but to a gigantic prehistoric shark. Their divorce is complicated when Megashark eats a passing plane.

6. The Scanners Apprentice

The cutthroat world of corporate finance gets more complicated when nuclear waste gives Donald Trump telekinetic powers. Instead of Trump saying "you're fired," he makes the loser's head explode.

7. Keeping Up With the Cat People
The Kardashians continue their first world problems in their reality series when they open new branches of their DASH store. But when Kim discovers that her stepfather Bruce Jenner is really a werecat, the only way for him to control his transformations is by mating with another werecat. What follows is a lot of weird and creepy stuff about their relationship that's best left to the imagination.

What other reality shows could be mashed up with scifi movies?


  1. If Megashark ends up eating Jon and Kate, it could be a winner.

  2. I want any of the monsters...sharktapus or anything really to go and eat all the Duggar children in the 19 Kids and Counting thing.

  3. It can work: Dead Set - a great TV series about a zombie take-over of the Big Brother house. Give me augmented reality over reality TV any day...

  4. They should do Survivor crossed with Predators


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