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William Shatner Strikes Back at Carrie Fisher [Video]

The feud between Carrie Fisher and William Shatner is probably the greatest thing to happen in sci-fi since...well, I can't think of anything like it. Let's review.

It all started when William Shatner did an interview making the case that Star Trek was better than Star Wars. Not an uncommon argument, and he made some good points. But what surprised me was when Carrie Fisher came out with her response, which was funnier and made some great points as well. It also took some shots at Shatner. Now Shatner has come out with a video response that is not only funny, and has more great points, but much more personal.
In the rap game, this is known as "beef," and we love it. Nothing like two famous and revered celebrities squabbling like children. What makes it better is that they each represent their respective franchise. Come on, Carrie. You can't let that go. Shatner made fun of your boobs! You know you want to come back to this. I'll even bring you a camera.

[Via YouTube]
[Image Source: Nerd Reactor]


  1. I don't want to see her in a bikini OR him in his original Captain outfit!
    And did you catch the Star Trek special Wednesday night on the Science Channel? Star Trek really will live forever.


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