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Relax to the Soothing Engine Sounds of the Starship Enterprise [Video]

How often have you watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and thought, "Man, I love the sound of that engine."

Me, neither. But someone nicknamed crisknife007 did, and he extracted a sample to turn it into a video that plays the Enterprise's ambient engine noise for a full twenty-four hours.

After listening to it, I have to agree it's kind of soothing. I bet Picard and Worf slept like babies with that in the background.

The video is embedded below,  but I doubt you'll want to listen to the whole 24 hours here.

[YouTube via TrekWeb]


  1. Geeks will do anything.

  2. You know, I might actually listen to that.
    And you'll have Best Sci-Fi next year for sure! Besides, I've pulled myself from the competition. And I'm a judge!

  3. Alex, try it. It's surprisingly soothing. You shouldn't pull out Alex. Its all for fun.


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