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Listen to Darth Vader's Original Voice [Video]

As we mentioned last week in our Sci-fi Feuds post, David Prowse played the on-screen "body" of Darth Vader, and always resented having his voice replaced by James Earl Jones. For those of you wondering why George Lucas replaced Prowse's voice with Jones', we present the following video. It's from the documentary Empire of Dreams, and shows clips from the original movie where Prowse spoke his lines on set, before it was dubbed. As you'll hear, Prowse has what's known as a West Country British accent. The crew reportedly nicknamed him "Darth Farmer" because of it.

[Via YouTube]

How do you think Darth Vader would have been received if Lucas had kept Prowse's voice?

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  1. Prowse's voice would've required a lot of modifying...


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