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Winners of the Google Followers Contest [Announcement]

When we were nominated for the Movie 411 awards this month we started a contest and here are the winners We decided to reward our awesome Google Followers with a contest. Thanks for following us. We appreciate it.

Here are the three winners chosen at random from our followers.

1. Storm Safety Blog

2. Chris

3. ♥MJ

Congratulations! So, what can you do with five dollars?

You can pay for shipping for an item or gift. You can also choose from e-books or one of Amazon's many "Instant Video" titles under $5. There are a bunch of movies under five, plus most episodes of TV shows are $1.99.

Personally, I own two "Instant Video" episodes.

An episode of Futurama, since I missed the whole of last season. Second, an episode of Go Diego Go!, which is my two-year-old son's latest obsession. Cute show, but why does every animal in the world speak Spanish?

Here are some suggestions:
We'll try and contact you using your profile to give you your codes, but if theres no way to contact you then please reply in the comments.

Thanks to all our followers and while some just collect followers at random, we value each and every one. You guys are awesome.

And if you feel like voting for us in the Movie 411 contest we'd appreciate it.

Want to congratulate our winners? What would you buy with five dollars from amazon? Do you have a favorite television show on there?


  1. Congratulations to the winners! Hey, five bucks buys an eBook or two.

  2. I've seen all three of those movies.

  3. Congratulations to the winners. Serenity is a must. Own it!


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