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Sentient City Survival Kit [Stuff]

In a world where traffic cameras monitor your car, grocery cards track your spending, and RFID chips embedded in our clothes track your every move, what is the next stage? What if all these systems combined to become an ecosystem all its own, one that can watch and control every aspect of our lives? What if the city itself become a malevolent organism? That's the concept behind the Sentient City Survival Kit, a collection of tools to obscure and disguise your presence in a high-tech future police state. Right now, the tools include:

Ad-Hoc Dark Network Travel Mug - To allow secret communication away from an allegedly compromised Internet, this mug is really a dark network transmitter. It allows the carrier to set up a private network to communicate with other users in disguise to plan for the revolution.

RFID Under(a)ware - To keep you from inadvertently putting on clothing or accessories with RFID tracking chips, this special underwear will vibrate to alert you to the presence of RFID chips.

CCD-Me-Not Umbrella - This umbrella has a collection of infrared LED lights embedded in its surface. The lights are invisible to normal vision, but show up on closed-circuit surveillance cameras. The lights would obscure any cameras, creating a blind spot.

GPS Serendipitor - A GPS program that gives you an indirect route to your destination to make your journeys unpredictable. Unlike all the other tools in the kit, this one actually exists for the iPhone.

The kit is an art project created by Mark Shepard. You can check out all the details, including schematics, at the project's website.

Would you buy a Sentient City Survival Kit?

[Image Source: sentientcity.net]


  1. This sounds like something that stepped right out of the Paranoia roleplaying game.

  2. You're right. That was an awesome RPG. But in Paranoia, all this stuff would malfunction and kill you.

  3. now a days security are sometimes annoying and some developed security technologies are quite nonsense.


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