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Friends Friday: Please Don't Let Me Die Before November 30th And Other News [Links]

No one wants to die, but if I can just hang around till November 29th, I can watch the superhero themed "Victoria Secret's" show. Then I'll go with a smile.

Superheroes and lingerie models. Too great tastes that go great together.

To balance it out, here's a picture of my wife's favorite superhero, Thor, with his shirt off.

Now for this week's link love.
  • Hollywood Spy's Dez has a trailer for the new film Snow White and the Huntsman and it looks...interesting. Some of it looks cool. Like Chris Hemsworth. Other parts just look bizarre. Like the queen floating in a milk bath.

  • My brother has a hilarious post called 9 Catfights That Geeks Love
    Which is your favorite cat (or dog) fight?
  • The Sci-fi Gene has an amazingly rendered image called "Highway."
  • SlashFilm reports that Roland Emmerich’s new film Singularity is so bad the studio sent him back for rewrites. “Singularity” refers to the hypothetical emergence of an artificial super-intelligence greater than our own human intelligence. Apparently, he's lacking in this.
  • Mary Pax has a wonderfully concise review of Battle Los Angeles: "I felt as if I were there instead of merely watching. It was intense." I wish I could sum up my feelings in so few words.
    What did you think of Battle: LA?
  • Alex J Cavanaugh has a guest post by RaShelle Workman about names. She makes a vey good observation about her book: "The female MC's name is Venus. The bad guys name: Dervinius, and the other male MC's name: Zarus. Can you see the problem? Every one of their names ends with US. OYE!!!"
    What's the weirdest name you've ever heard?
[Image Source: comicsbeat]


  1. A great round up.

    Really? Singularity is that bad? Wow. I saw somewhere this week that HBO is thinking about making Stephen King's Dark Tower now that the movie went bust.

  2. I could get into that fashion show...
    Thanks for the mention of RaShelle's visit today. She rocks.
    Already saw the trailer online. Now that one looks kick butt.

  3. And Maurice, I plan to pass out the Pied Piper award next Friday. Thanks again. Sorry, just so many scheduled posts!

  4. MPax, I have no idea, but considering who's making it I wouldn't be surprised. His films are fun, but not exactly Citizen Kane. Dark Tower? Interesting...

  5. Alex, it's all good man. You deserve the award and I'm sure you'll find some deserving people to give it to. RaShelle sounds like an awesome writer and I look forward to hearing more about her.


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