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Top Ten Posts of September 2011 Revealed [Top Ten]

Here are the most popular posts from last month. Among the top posts are several that went viral. read on to see more babe posts and movie analysis.

10. Top Ten Bald Babes of Science-Fiction
Once again, bald women in science-fiction are popular. A few commenters made some good suggestions about women missing. The list may grow in the future.

9. Top 25 Most Expensive Bad Sci-Fi Movies Ever Made Infographic
Our first infographic to go viral, its worth checking it out. Do you agree with the list?

8. Why the 'Wolverine' Sequel Will Never Happen...And Why You Should Be Glad
News continues to flow that the Hugh Jackman sequel will happen and I still say it won't. Read on to find out why.

7. 10 Best Life-Size Star Wars Replicas
Giant speeder bikes and life-size action figures. Star Wars lives!

6. 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About GI JOE's Creation
Everything you thought you knew about the creation of G.I. Joe is wrong! You hear me? Wrong!

5. Do These Pics of Oliva Munn Prove She's Hot?
This was a popular post again last month although slightly down from August. She's still a big draw. At least one commenter disagreed.

Aleric said, "Actually no she isnt HOT. She is good looking but she is not anywhere near what it takes to reach that level. Basically they paint her up or dress her in fanboy costumes and everyone is suppose to be shocked that she did that. yawn, it isnt all that original nor is it flattering to her in some ways."

He makes a good point.

4. 10 Interesting Facts About Marty McFly's Shoes From "Back to the Future 2"
Nike finally made some McFly Magnaboots and there's a lot to know about the shoe's history.

3. 'Star Wars' Timeline of Changes Infographic
Our second infographic to go viral. This one travelled the world and back again. Then someone noticed a typo. Oh well. If you think Lucas has only changed the movies once or twice, you should check it out.

2. Want To See the Full List of Changes to the 'Star Wars' Films?
We had a lot of people asking for the full list of changes to the Star Wars movies touched on in the infographic. So we made this list. Its still updated with new changes so it's growing every day.
1. Six Reasons Why 'Batman and Robin' Was The Best Comic Book Movie Ever
Another viral post asks a surprising question: Can Batman and Robin really be a great comic book movie? Before you answer, read the post.

What did you think of last month's top posts? Any surprises?
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