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Kevin Pollak Does Funniest Shatner EVER [Video]

Kevin Pollak is known for his acting in movies like The Usual Suspects and A Few Good Men, but he also does awesome impressions. Back in his 1991 comedy special Stop with the Kicking, he did a routine about the Star Trek movies. It's pretty dated, back when impressions of Christopher Lloyd and Dudley Moore were cutting-edge, but it's still funny. The thing to watch is his William Shatner. It may not be the most accurate in terms of the voice, but Pollak's is (I think) the funniest in terms of capturing Shatner's weird cadence and gestures. The word "personalities" has never been funnier.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the ending, that's supposed to be Brian Boitano. Callback to an earlier routine Pollak did. Doesn't get any funnier in context, though.

If you're wondering what Shatner himself thinks of Pollak's impression, check out this video.

UPDATE: Corrected the spelling of Pollak, added bonus video.


  1. That's hilarious. I had seen the Pollack video once before a long time ago and this was a good refresher. I think that William Shatner does sound like that when he is playing James T. Kirk, however, he obviously disagrees. That would have been awkward for Pollack and I'm sure there was much snickering by those that set up the lunch date between those two.

  2. What a great couple of clips, Mo. I would have loved for Kevin to do this Christopher Walken impersonation as well. Ha!


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