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How You Can Dissect Darth Vader [Stuff]

Now if you're like me, friends, you don't just want to see Darth Vader. You want to dissect him into millions of tiny slices, am I right? But you can't dissect Darth Vader, can you? No, that's crazy talk! But you can do the next best thing with the Darth Vader: A 3-D Reconstruction Log. The book takes the form of notes  from two robots working on the operation to re-build Anakin Skywalker after his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Each page covers a specific aspect of Darth Vader's technology and components, from his breathing mask to his skeleton to his cape. The coolest part is the centerpiece of each page, a cross-section of Darth Vader that peels away in layers as you read.

Here's the trailer for the book, which also shows some of the pages:

You can get Darth Vader: A 3-D Reconstruction Log at Amazon.com.

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