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EXCLUSIVE: Charlotte Woodward (Emma Frost) Interview [Cosplay]

We've always been interested in the cosplay scene, so when we met up with the Arizona Avengers cosplay group at the recent Phoenix ComicCon convention, we jumped at the chance to get some interviews.

We'll be bringing you interviews with a number of Arizona Avengers over the next few months, and here's the second: Charlotte Woodward.

1) When and how did you first get into cosplay?
I was attending Phoenix Comic Con 2010 (which I'd like to add was my 1st ever Convention) and noticed a group of Marvel costumers, I told them they did an amazing job and looked great, one of the members (Agent Burgos) handed me a business card and told me I should join because its fun and for a good cause.

After some time I emailed and it pretty much spawned from there.

2) What character or characters do you play?
I am currently the AZA's Emma Frost and almost finished with my second costume as Rogue...I did cosplay Lady Deadpool for [one] event as well. My dream cosplay was to be Rogue, but I wasn't too keen on the idea of having to wear a wig all the time so the next step was to pick an interesting blonde character...which lead me to pick Emma Frost.

3) Do you make your own costumes or purchase costumes or both?
Both, my cape/top was purchased from a Marvel costume online store, but the skirt didn't match the character at all so I had to improvise.

The pants are from Hot Topic (NEVER knew it would be so hard to find white skinny jeans!), and the boots were actually from Walmart at Halloween made for a GoGo costume! lol ;P

4) What is it about cosplay that keeps you in the scene? 
Halloween has always been my favorite holiday because you get to be someone else for a day, Cosplay allows this multiple times a year, on top of being someone fun and new, you get to be someone others recognize and it brings so much joy to others and children.

Overall I believe Cosplay has a lot of kind people, if your dressing as a superhero then you can't be a very judgmental person so the strangers you meet are more often easy going fun people.

5) How did you get involved in the Arizona Avengers?
It started with a business card/suggestion, which led to an email, which then led to a bbq where I was able to meet a lot of the members out of costume...it honestly came at the perfect time.

I had only lived in AZ for a year, moved from Chicago and knew no one out this way...I tend to be a homebody so meeting new friends is a bit hard for me, yet joining a Cosplay group was like putting meeting friends on fast forward.

I went from [zero] AZ friends to over 20 over night! Now most of them feel like family.

Find out more at the Arizona Avengers at their official website and facebook.

As a side note, you have go to check out the amazing photography work of Grant Brummet who did the main photo. He does great work taking pictures of other fans in costume. Check him out!

What do you think of Charlotte Woodward's awesome cosplay life?
[Image source: Grant Brummet]

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