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Can Aquaman Ever Be Cool? [Comics]

As part of the new DC Universe reboot, another attempt is being made to revamp Aquaman as a viable hero. The last attempt had Aquaman look tougher with a beard and a hook hand, but this one returns him to the same blonde orange-shirted hero that we remember. This time, the first issue embraces the fact that Aquaman is the "talks-to-fish" superhero that everyone looks down on, and makes him an underdog. In a funny scene, Aquaman emphasizes that he doesn't talk to fish, because they have no language, but that he can command and control them. The first issue also emphasizes his powers on land with bullet-proof skin and super-strength. So far, reaction has been positive. We'll see if Aquaman can really stand side-by-side with Superman and Batman. You can read some of the pages on-line at Imgur.

UPDATE: Took away the links, and just added the images in the post.

Would you read the new Aquaman reboot?

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