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WookieeLeaks: Lucas Planning Changes to Ewoks and Product Placement [Image]

On August 19, 2011, Geektwins was contacted by anonymous employees of LucasArts  concerned about the direction that George Lucas is taking with Star Wars*. The whistleblowers provided us with a collection of memos that reveal the controversial changes to the Blu-Ray are only the beginning. We'll be releasing the memos over the coming weeks in a series we call WookieeLeaks. Here are today's memos, related to Chewbacca and product placement.

UPDATE: Removed the transparency on the images. So you can actually, you know, read them.
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Ewok replacing Chewbacca
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* Okay, not really. This is a joke. But if any real LucasArts employees feel like giving us some info, we'll totally keep it anonymous.

Are you looking forward to these changes? How do you feel about the changes Lucas has already made? Let us know in the comments.


  1. It's awesome that you got such inside info. But it's hard to read the memos. They show up as negatives when I click on the images. Perhaps you can transcribe them.

  2. Crap, must have saved transparent. I'll re-scan them.

  3. Thanks. I can read them now. I doubt those changes will be made, though. There will definitely be a Star Wars boycott if so.


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