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Amy Vitale: Stunning Model, Wrestler, Actress and Freedom Fighter [Babes]

Amy Vitale has been in the entertainment industry for decades, find out how this beautiful empowered woman went from modeling to comic books to films.

Q: Tell us about your new science-fiction film Global Elites.
Without trying to give away anything, "Global Elites" is a movie where it takes place in the future of 2014. Due to the collapse of the American government, a New World Order comes into play. This created a new constitution that takes away the rights that the American people took for granted. You will see a transition in my character due to her seeking revenge and fighting for the rights of the American people.

Q:The independent film Planeta Desconocido used some green screen. What was the biggest challenge filming like that?
My part in the film was filmed in a physical place, but I did do a photo shoot with the green screen for the movie.

I think the hardest part is pretending that objects are there and are coming at you. It was really cool because when I took acting classes, we had to be a mime, and it sort of reminded me of that.

Q: How did you become a professional model at the age of sixteen?
My family had quite a few people in the entertainment industry. So, It wouldn't come to any surprise that I would follow in somebody's foot steps.

I always entertained people while growing up, whether it be dancing, performing in plays, and putting on my own puppet shows, I always loved to entertain people. I started in wrestling around that age which helped me to get to know people in the entertainment industry, and it sort of transitioned to modeling.

The kicker here is, I had my first modeling pictures done by a classmate who was into photography and taking photography classes. Then, I went around to agencies with the pictures, and the rest is history.

Just goes to show, no matter what age you are, if you have your heart in something, whether be photography, modeling, or something else, you will succeed if you work hard at it.

Q: You've been in professional wrestling for over 16 years. When did you know that you wanted to get into wrestling?Wrestling is all about entertaining people. I was all about that. Plus, the girls in the wrestling business such as Miss Elizabeth, Woman, Missy Hyatt, were beautiful! What girl wouldn't want to play Barbie! Clothes, hair, make-up! A girls dream come true!

I knew it was something I always wanted to do when I was ten years old.

By the time I turned thirteen, I started writing for newsletters and working the wrestling news hotlines, giving the news about the local Florida scene and my opinions about the wrestling world. At age sixteen, I finally received my shot, but I had to work my way up by handling concession, helping set-up the ring, working as a ring girl, and etc.

After a long six months, I finally was given a shot to be a manager/valet. I'm so happy I learned the business from the inside/out. A lot of the new people in the business, at least in the local scene, can't say that. I think it gives you a better understanding and respect for the business.

Q: Was it hard to make the transition to acting?
Not at all. With taking acting classes, doing some acting when I was growing up, and with the wrestling itself, it was quite easy. In wrestling, I did a lot of skits and story lines. You get to play someone that you're not in real life.

Besides, I'm a Gemini, the twins of the Zodiac. We have that split personality. My other half likes to be something else other than me. haha!

Q:You are the model for two comic book characters: Aurora Stone in the "Red Skye" comic book series and Victoria Angel in the steampunk "Red Angel" comic. How did you get involved in comic books?
I have always been into comic book movies like Batman, Superman, and the such. I would read comic books from time to time, but never really had a chance to get into them.

For some reason, in South Florida, comic books were hard to come by, or maybe I was just too busy to notice as I was doing so many different projects.

A few years ago, I came across the store called "Tate's Comics," and at that moment, that store brought back out the comic book fan that was hiding in me. The store is magnificent! It has everything that you watched while growing up. Anybody that has Star Wars, He-Man, Jem, Thundercats, and I'm just hitting the very tip of the ice berg, he just has EVERYTHING! I owe it all to Tate and the rest of the staff for bringing my comic book groove on.

Do you have any favorite comic book characters?
I love reading Buffy The Vampire Slayer comics. I was always a big fan of Buffy. Just love vampires! My all time favorite characters are Phoenix, Vampirella, Joker, and Harley Quinn.

Q: How has your passion for fitness changed your life?
It has made me healthier, and wise. Both my mother and sister passed away from cancer at a young age. My mom was only 43 when she passed away from breast cancer, and my sister only 23 when she passed from a rare form of sarcoma. It was a real eye opener. And I was never overweight or anything like that. Neither was my mom or sister.

However, after doing a lot of reading and research, it's amazing of what chemicals we put in our body from certain foods and stuff we do in every day life. With this knowledge, I educate and help others. It's so important to be educated because I know all too well that diseases like cancer don't stereotype of what age, race, and gender you are.

Q: Tell us about the "Patriot Girls for the Troops" campaign you were involved in.
The Patriot Girls expressed support for the men and women serving in the Armed Forces and also First Responders while raising money and awareness for various charities.

We helped raise awareness by volunteering our time to events such as golf events, Playboy parties, Fleet Week by taking pictures and mingling with fans.

We would sell products such as calendars and participate in car washes to help raise money. I was so happy to be part of the Patriot Girls as I could give back and show my appreciation for what these brave men and women do for this country.

Thanks for the interview Amy! You can follow her on Amyvitale.net or Facebook!

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