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Welcome to GeekTwins 3.0

Welcome to the new and improved Geek Twins blog!

This post is kind of long, but we put the news about the new features and this month's contest right at the front of the post.

The changes can be summed up in two sentences.
  • Better Navigation.
  • More Interactivity.
Better Navigation
Want to check out the most important posts at a glance? Check out the navigation sliders at the top of the main page. Want to find out the most popular posts others are reading? Check out the top five in the sidebar.

We've identified the things you like to read about most and made them easier to find with a handy navigation bar at the top.
More Interactivity
Every week we'll highlight the best comments and commenters. We've got great readers. We want you to know who they are.

Plus, more polls and contests.

Why Geek Twins 3.0?
Geek Twins 1.0
When we first started the blog a year ago it wasn't supposed to be a blog. Originally my brother and I were going to do a podcast called "Geek Twins" where we could rant and rave about science-fiction. The blog was just supposed to be a place to put notes for the upcoming show. In fact, the very first post is just that: Show Notes.

One thing led to another and the podcast fell by the wayside. The blog stuck around and we started using it to share stuff we found on the Internet. Sometimes people came by, but this was by accident really. One day it all changed.

Geek Twins 2.0
People started coming more often and we decided to take it seriously. We began publicising on various websites and people began ccoming back.

I designed a template and logo and we put in a bunch of plug-ins to help readers navigate. Some people love them. Some people don't, but overall, people liked it.

Last year my brother and I began thinking how to take the blog to the next level. A couple of our posts had gone viral and traffic went over the 10,000 mark for the first time. How can we increase our user's experience so they can enjoy it even more?

The Geek Twins 3.0
We batted around a bunch of ideas and finally hit on what we figure is the next step: we got a professional template, a domain and set out to really bring you a blog you're going to love even more.

By the way, some joker already had "GeekTwins.com" so we had to add "THE." Makes us look more official anyway.

That's it! Enjoy the blog. Come back often and live long and prosper.
What do you like about the new blog design? Any suggestions?


  1. Thanks Spacer Guy. Sometimes that passion gets us into trouble, but it's worth it. You have an awesome blog yourself. http://startrekspace.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks Reid! My brother's working on expanding our coverage of sci fi literature. Stay tuned!

  3.  I like the layout and enjoy your posts that are related to science fiction.

  4. Its great to see a blog that takes science fiction passionately turning it into an enjoyable experience for the readers.


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