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Steampunk Robocop...No, Not That One [Image]

There's been a lot of buzz on the Net about a "steampunk Robocop" statue made of scrap metal. While it's a nice statue, I strongly disagree. Anyone who would call that a steampunk Robocop knows nothing about steampunk. Steampunk is supposed to be a retro-Victorian approach to modern technology. There's nothing steampunk about this statue, except for a few gears. It's just a regular statue of Robocop. In the words of Crocodile Dundee, that's not a steampunk Robocop.

That's a steampunk Robocop.
(from sykomonkey on deviantART)

Or that (by choubaka360). "Living or deceased, you shall accompany me...creep." You can actually get this one as a T-shirt.

This concludes today's lesson on steampunk. Class dismissed.


  1. First one's just a cheap metal Robocop.

  2. I'm getting a little sick of remakes. Conan the Barbarian was terrible and has probably killed the franchise forever (which I think makes me sad as the world has so much potential).  Robocop, however, doesn't really deserve a remake. I really wasn't all that good and there are so many other stories out there that are worthy of a full budget Hollywood movie.

    I really love your website btw. It's amazing looking.

  3. Why do people make remakes of good movies when there are so many bad ones like "Battlefield Earth?" Any suggestions? Thanks for the blog look comment. Yours is cool too.


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