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Top Nine Shocking Phone Hacks in the Science-Fiction Universe [Lists]

Rupert Murdock is being investigated for hacking into the private communications of dozens of people, including a murdered woman and 9/11 victims. Has worse been done in the sci-fi universe? Should the government investigate these crimes as well?

We now present the top nine shocking phone hacks in science-fiction for law enforcement to investigate.

For the purpose of this list it only includes interception of communication not intended for the recipient.

9. Transformers (2005)
U.S. Hacks message to Decepticons
When the U.S. Government intercepted a communication by the evil robot Decepticons they hired a team of hackers to decipher the signal and figure out what they were up to. Even though it was an enemy attacking a sovereign nation this was still illegal.

The Decepticons have a open-and-shut case of illegal phone hacking. There's not a Cybertronian court in the universe that would acquit them.

8. Contact (1997)

Scientist hacks alien signal to Earth
A message intended for the world was discovered and translated by a single researcher, Jodi Foster. What she should have done was let the world know and then use that to build on it. She eventually shared her findings with the world.
She could probably get away with 6 months in jail.

7. Star Trek: The Voyage Home (1986)

Earth hacks message for whales
A message from aliens intended for whales almost destroys the whole world. Humans intercept it and realize it's for the now extinct species. We do the right thing though. We go back in time, get the person who was supposed to hear it and give it to them. That means it was illegal, but efforts were made to correct the problem.

6. Independence Day (1996)

Goldblum hacks signal to alien invaders
Humans intercept an alien signal to synchronize a countdown to invasion. Jeff Goldblum intercepts the signal from a satellites and warns people about it. Nobody listens.

It's still bad, but at least no one got hurt. No aliens anyway. Then, they made it worse by hacking into the alien ship and implanting a virus.
A message needs to be sent. We will not tolerate listening in on private communications, even though it may lead to the extermination of the human race.

5. Signs (2002)

Family hacks signal to alien invaders
Alien invaders like to use unsophisticated communications. in this case, they broadcast on a frequency so primitive it was picked up by a family baby monitor. After discovering the signal, the family then goes to create effort to hack it including standing on a car. Since they obviously hadn't gotten approval from the FCC to broadcast on the frequency the communication was clearly illegal.

This one could be a win for the U.S., but should still be investigated.

4. Terminator 2

Terminator hacks phone message to dead mother
The Terminator intercepts a phone call from John Connor to his Mom. Then, he uses "phreaking" techniques to impersonate his mother and find out his location. The robot should be ashamed of himself.
The Terminator may be outside of the jurisdiction of the United States since he comes from the future.

Still, any supreme court in the universe would convict him.
Image: totalfilm.com

3. I Come in Peace (1990)

Evil alien hacks message to good aliens
An alien drug dealer intercepts a message of peace and hope sent by Earth into the sky. He comes to Earth and starts sucking fear juice out of people to sell on the intergalactic black market. Even worse, its the only English he knows. So, while he's killing people he's telling them he comes in peace. This one's a bad one.

2. Serenity

Criminals hack message to government
A secret communication to the totalitarian Alliance government is discovered and intercepted by a group of bandits on the starship Serenity. The message was intended to warn people that they had screwed up a drug and created the insane, cannibalistic "Reavers." Soon after it was discovered the group sent the signal "Wiki-leaks" style out to the rest of the population.
Add phone hacking and sharing of classified communication and the Alliance has a solid case. Book 'em.

1. Star Wars: A New Hope

Man hacks message to friend
Luke Skywalker hacks into his R2-D2 unit and plays a message for Obi-Wan Kenobi.
While this one was arguably initiated by R2-D2 to get Luke to find the Jedi master it was clearly an illegal act. Even after Luke heard that the message was for someone else he asked to play it again.

The Empire should prosecute him to the full extent of the law.
Image: http://marriedtothemovies.wordpress.com

Which is the worse offense in the list? Can you think of more illegal phone hacks?


  1. You're right April. The sonic screwdriver fixes everything.

  2. This is an awesome list.  I vote Terminator 2. 
    Cannot think of any other hacks, but the Doctor (Doctor Who, of course!) hacks sometimes.  But, I mean, he's the Doctor...you can get away with it if you're awesome. ;-)

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