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Coming Soon in Two Weeks - The Geek Twins 3.0 [Announcement]

Big news! Coming August 1st, my brother and I are re-launching the blog with a new look, name and some great new features. It'll have the same great content you've come to expect from the "Twin Princes of Geek," but you'll love the new features. 

Here's a sample of things to look forward to:
  • More frequent updates
  • More focus on the things you want to know about.
  • More community focus
  • Updated blog template with faster loading times
  • Easier navigation to get to the content you care about
Why is it called "THE Geek Twins 3.0?

Stay tuned next week Monday for more information and a sneak peek at the updated blog.

What would you like to see in the new blog? Let us know in the comments!

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