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Top Ten Posts of April 2011 Revealed [Best Of]

In case you missed them, here are the most popular posts of last month revealed.

1. 10 Best Sci-fi Shows Canceled After One Season
Counting down the best shows that were cut down before their prime.
2. Profile of Adrianne Palicki TV's Sexy New Wonder Woman [Profile]
There's a new Wonder Woman in town and her name is Palicki.

3. EXCLUSIVE: Jar Jar Binks Explains Why He Sucked
Meesah thinks he gonna suck.

4. 10 Crazy But True Facts About "The Wizard of Oz"
Can you believe a movie about green witches and flying monkeys has surprises?

5. 10 Best Life-Size Star Wars Replicas
We may never get the life-size AT-AT, but we do have the life-size Jabba the Hutt.

6. Green Hornet's Black Beauty and the Top 17 Superhero Cars
When superheros drive in style, they drive these hot rides.

7. Why Princess Leia Went Commando in "Star Wars"
Everyone wants to know what was under that stylish tunic.

8. Darth Vader Actor Banned From STAR WARS Convention
David Prowse banned. Shame on you Lucas.

9. Do These Pics of Oliva Munn Prove She's Hot?
Maybe. Ok. Yes.

10. 40 Amazing New 'X-Men: First Class' Trailer Screencaps and Breakdown
The New X-Men movie is coming. Find out what you're in for.

Which is your favorite post?

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