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NASA One Step Closer To Creating Fantastic Four [News]

On Thursday, NASA came one step closer to creating its own real-life Fantastic Four, which is what we all really want in life. They attached a device called the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to the International Space Station. It cost two billion dollars, and is the result of almost twenty years of research. NASA claims its boring purpose is to study subatomic particles for antimatter and dark matter. The reality is that it's scanning "cosmic rays," that awesome interstellar radiation that spawned so many of Marvel's superheroes. Now all we need to do is crank that baby up and aim it at the space station to create our own superheroes. If only real-life was as cool as the comics. If this was the Marvel Universe, John Glenn would be made out of rocks and shooting laser beams out of his eyes.

[Image Source: Hollywood News]


  1. I am still waiting for NASA's fantastic four video game. I really appreciative all Nasa's technologies. I think it is so interesting for the users.

  2. Imagine (if life=comic life) the scores of kids who would dream to work for NASA, just to get access to it. "Point it at me next!" "Get in line, it's MY turn!"

  3. NASA always created something an amazing and unbelivable technologies. It is so costly also. I am waiting for NASA fantastic four.

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