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Free Scifi: 2011 Hugo Short Story Nominees [Freebies]

Today's free scifi category is the 2011 Hugo Award nominees for Best Short Story. If you're not familiar with it, the Hugo Awards are like the Academy Awards for scifi. Another similarity to the Academy Awards is that you may not be familiar with the nominees. Unlike the Academy Awards, you can catch up on the nominees for free. Here are the four nominees for best short story, along with links to where you can read them online.

"Ponies,” by Kij Johnson - A little girl and her talking pony discover how far they have to go to be part of the crowd. (WARNING: Contains graphic violence and disturbing images)

"For Want of a Nail," by Mary Robinette Kowal - What starts as a routine repair to a malfunctioning starship computer uncovers a secret that threatens the crew's future.

"Amaryllis," by Carrie Vaughn - In a fishing community where life is managed by quotas, one woman's boat is threatened by a vindictive overseer.

"The Things," by Peter Watts - What if John Carpenter's The Thing were told from the perspective of the Thing?

After you've read them (or if you already have), let us know your opinion: Which story do you think deserves to win Best Short Story?

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