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The Touching Story of Nichelle Nichol's Meeting MLK, Star Trek's Biggest Fan

As many know, Nichelle Nichols almost left the show after the first season of Star Trek: The Original Series until Dr. Martin Luthor King talked her out of it. Now we get to hear, in her own words, how it happened.

Fora.tv's "92Y: Pioneer Women of Television" is hosting an interview with Angie Dickinson, Linda Evans, Stefanie Powers and Nichelle Nichols. A free clip has her telling the famous story of her first meeting with Dr. King.

This was an important moment is Star Trek history. Dr. King understood that the show's depiction of a multi-cultural crew of professionals was unique. We almost lost one of television's greatest role models without his intervention.

Thanks Monica R. from Fora.tv!

What impact do you think Star Trek had for women and minorities on television?


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