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Spaceship 'Dream Team' Communications Officer Phones It In [Poll]

Every week for the next few months, we'll be creating the ultimate starship crew from the greatest sci-fi characters of movie and TV. You can help create the "Spaceship Dream Team" by voting in the sidebar.

The results of this week's spaceship "Dream Team" poll is in and our communications officer is 

While Inara has virtually no technical experience at communications, she does posses a perfect sense of diplomacy. She's warm, kind and tolerant and should be a great spokeperson for the ship.

Her current job as a high-society courtesan (prostitute) could diminsh her value in the crew's eyes, but she's always carried herself with respect and dignity.

Read more on the spaceship "Dream Team" poll here,and check out the full poll including the other contenders here.

For those following at home, here's the crew so far:
Next week we'll pick the spaceship.

What do you think of our spaceship Dream Team so far?

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