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D - Doctor Who Season 6 Trailer's Five Funniest Bits [Video]

D is for Doctor Who
The trailers for the new season of Doctor Who are hilarious and we're counting them down.

They're filled with horrific scenes, terrifying creatures, people screaming and promises the Doctor's "darkest hour." Its also got some of the funniest lines.

As scary as Doctor Who gets the show always manages to make you laugh.

For those not familiar with the show, its a highly popular British science-fiction show about an eccentric adventurer, known only as "The Doctor," who travels across time and space looking for adventure.

5. Doctor Playing with an Astronaut helmet (BBC trailer)

Who wouldn't want to wear an astronaut suit? The Doctor yells, "Look how cool this stuff is!" as he flips open the visor. It is cool and we love you for saying so.

4. "By, By Gum."(BBC trailer)

Matt Smith has great comic timing. In one part he says mutters "By, by gum." I'm not sure why he says it or what it means, but it's funny. Kind of like his famous "wibbly-wobbly timey thing" line. He's funny when he laughs in the face of danger.

3. The Clown (BBC trailer)

Clowns are always funny. There's a clown sitting on a bed holding a red balloon. Actually, that one is kind of creepy. Moving on.

2. The Doctor Gets his Cowboy Hat Shot Off...By His Wife (BBC America trailer)

A cowboy getting his hat shot off is a common theme in spaghetti westerns. This season The Doctor, while in Utah, gets his hat shot off his head. Imagine his surprise when he hears that familiar phrase, "Hello Sweetie" and turns to see his future wife holding the gun. River Song, aka The Doctor's wife, has been a running theme for the last three seasons. She always shows up and turns his life upside-down.

1. The Doctor Visits the White House (BBC America trailer)

The Doctor warns "We're in the middle of the most powerful city in the most powerful country on Earth. Let's take it slow."  He then sits in President Nixon's chair in the Oval office. Not surprisingly, guns are drawn and he reacts with a broad smile. Only the Doctor could get away with this.

Season 6 of Doctor Who starts in the U.S. on "BBC America," shown in the UK on "BBC One," and in Canada on "Space" April 23rd 2011.

Are you looking forward to Doctor Who? What's your favorite funny science-fiction moment?

This post is "D is for Doctor Who," part of the "A-Z Blogging Challenge." We'll be posting something on our blog every day in April except for Sundays. The challenge is hosted by Arlee BirdJeffrey Beesler, Alex J. CavanaughJen Daiker, Candace Ganger, Karen J Gowen, Talli Roland and Stephen Tremp. Visit them today and everyday for the next month!

The trailers are after the jump.


  1. Those are all great. I cannot wait until the new season. Loving this new Doctor!

  2. Words crafter I'm a huge fan too! Matt Smith has grown on me. I didn't think they could top the last guy but he's got a good eccentric quality while being able to convey the sense of drama. Stay tuned for more Whooism in the future.

    -----Original message-----

  3. Jeffrey, Doc Brown is a great choice. He's the funniest character in all of sci-fi!

    -----Original message-----

  4. Dr. Who!!!!!!!! I'm a fanatic. I mean fan. I haven't had time to watch the webisodes, but April 23 is almost here. Are you a fan if this version of the doctor?

  5. I'm not sure what my favorite funny sci fi moment is, but I bet it has to do with Back to the Future's Doc Brown.

  6. I Agree with you April this is a great movie. Do you have an original copy with it?

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