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Amazing 'Sketch Pad' Short Film Asks Thought-Provoking Questions [Video of the Week]

Tom over at "The Theory" sent us their amazing entry into the Sci-Fi London National 48 Hour Challenge 2011 and it's a simple film that manages to give an emotional punch to the gut in less than five minutes.

It's called, simply, "Sketch Pad."

I don't want to give anything away, but, it reminds me of District 9.

The contest challenges film makers from around the UK against each other in a 48 hour short film challenge. This is the same competition that got Gareth Edwards his multiple award-winning film Monsters by "Vertigo Films."

They're given a randomly generated title ("Sketch Pad"), secret prop (a plate of biscuits) a line of dialogue ("It didn't do this the last time") and 48 hours to complete the film and deliver it to the judges.

For the technically inclined, here are some production details "It was shot on our 5d Mk ii with 3 Kino Diva Lights, 1 Wally Dolly and an 85mm lens."

Here was the mind-melting schedule:
  • Saturday 1pm - Idea conceived
  • Saturday 3pm-9pm - Script written 
  • Saturday 12 am to Sunday 4am - Shot footage
  • Sunday 3pm-11pm Cut and edited film
  • Monday morning - Delivered final film 
What do you think of the entry? Who do think was being questioned?

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