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Top Ten Posts of January 2011 Revealed [Best Of]

It's been a popular month in the new year and we've covered some incredible stories. In case you missed them, here are the most popular posts of last month revelaed.

1. Do These Pics of Oliva Munn Prove She's Hot?
Yes. They do.

2. Green Hornet's Black Beauty and the Top 17 Superhero Cars
Green Hornet drive a hot whip, but there are sixteen other aweome rides.

3. Why Princess Leia Went Commando in "Star Wars"
The secret of the missing bra is revealed.

4. 10 Best Life-Size Star Wars Replicas
From Millenium Falcons to Death Stars.

5. EXCLUSIVE: Jar Jar Binks Explains Why He Sucked
Mee-sa thinks me gonna die.

6. Darth Vader Actor Banned From STAR WARS Convention
David Prowse gets no respect from LucasFilm, but he's beloved by Star Wars fans.

7. We Know You Want Pics of IRON MAN 2's Ten Sexiest Babes
So many females to choose from. So little time.

8. Six Best Slave Leia Group Appearances
Any appearance by a group of women in metal bikinis is going to be good.

9. Six Cheap STAR WARS Lightsabers You Can Build In Less Than An Hour
From dollar store cast-offs to pool noodles, we showed you how you can get your saber on fast.

10. Top Ten Bald Babes of Science-Fiction
Some women look great in long flowing hair, but, some women look great in a chrome dome.

Which is your favorite post?


  1. Sounds like fun Alex. We'll sign up!

  2. Olivia Munn IS hot!
    Sorry I don't get here that often. You read why today! You should do the A to Z Challenge in April. You'll get a ton of visitors here!

  3. Sounds like fun Alex. We'll sign up!

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