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The Spaceship Dream Team Captain is Onboard, Time to Pick the First Officer [Poll]

The winner of our spaceship "Dream Team" captain poll is: Han Solo!
Everyone's favorite Star Wars smuggler will guide our spaceship across the galaxy.

The results of the poll was surprising. As of last week, it looked like Captain Kirk would be the winner. In a last burst of voting, Han Solo took the lead.

He's a good choice. Solo's used to working with all types of people. While his personality can be abrasive, it guarantees that the crew will get in line or get off the ship.  A man like Solo won't shrink from danger, but he won't stick his neck out if he doesn't have to.

You can see the results of the poll here.

Next week, we'll have the results of our next poll: Who Is First Officer of Your Spaceship "Dream Team?

UPDATE: Some of you have pointed out the choices for First Officer were a little screwy, and Zoe was misidentified as coming from Farscape. We accidentally duplicated the poll for the captain. We've updated the poll with the correct choices, and fixed the error on Zoe. In order to update it, we needed to delete the existing votes. Apologies to all who voted...feel free to vote again. Happy voting.

Is Captain Han Solo the perfect choice for your spaceship "Dream Team?"


  1. Thanks mpax. You guys are making it really fun.

  2. Fun project. Han is a good choice.

  3. I've been doing something similar here:

    No polls, just my favourites.


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