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PIECES: An Upcoming Web Series

Recently, we were tipped off to the online scifi series, Overturn. Along the way, we've discovered a whole community of filmmakers who are creating and releasing their own sci-fi, featured at a website called Scifinal. Another upcoming series that caught our attention is Pieces. It's described as a sci-fi/mystery/drama about Jacob Clarke, a man who suffers a freak accident that lands him in the hospital. There, Jacob is diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, but shortly begins hearing a mysterious voice in his mind. Is it madness? A side effect of his brain tumor? Or something more? Jacob's life gets turned upside down as he begins following the commands of the Voice, and ends up on the run from police and a major crime syndicate.

It also seems like the series won't play out in the conventional sense, but will include a montage of seemingly random images, fragments, and details at the start of the season. Viewers will be able to analyze the montage and figure out how they figure into the larger story. In essence, inviting the kind of deeper levels and analysis that caused LOST to thrive. No firm release date as yet, but we'll be following it closely. You can too at the official website: Pieces: the Series.

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