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10 Best Free Android Apps for Trekkers

The best thing about having an Android phone is being able to use apps, and the best thing about being a Trekker is that you love technology. For those in that elite group that combines the two, we've compiled this list of the ten best apps for Star Trek fans. These apps will either customize your phone to be more Trekky or feed your love of Star Trek and space travel. And they're all free. If you have an Android phone and you're a Trekker, these are the must-have apps. To get the apps, you can go to the Android Market on your phone and type in the name. Or you can click on the link to go to AppBrain, and either download it directly to your phone if you have an AppBrain account or click on "QR code" and use a barcode scanner on your phone to scan the code.

  1. Star Trek Sounds And Ringtones - The first thing any real Trekker will want to do is set up the sounds.With Star Trek Sounds and Ringtones, you can customize your ringtones and notifications with seventy different sounds from the Star Trek series.
  2. Star Trek Wallpapers - So now you've got your cool sounds. What's next? Wallpapers, of course.This app includes a wide variety of photos and artwork from all the Trek series that you can scroll through and set as your wallpaper.
  3. ST: Red Alert Wallpaper Free - If you prefer a live wallpaper, there's the ST: Red Alert Wallpaper app. It's a live wallpaper that displays the alert symbols. At a touch, you can change your phone's status from Green Alert to Yellow Alert or Red Alert, complete with authentic sounds and flashing lights. The full version will even connect the alert status to your battery level or incoming text messages.
  4. Star Trek Communicator - The next thing you'll want to Trek up your phone is the Star Trek Communicator app. It turns your Android phone into an old-school communicator from the classic series. Flip your phone, and it flips open the comm to reveal an authentic display and greeting chirp. You can even use it to actually make phone calls. 
  5. Star Trek Combadge - If you're more of a fan of the new series, you're covered,  too. Combadge creates a widget on your home screen like the badges worn on Next Generation. Tap the combadge to get the chirp, and you can customize it to dial a specific number or open your contacts. But the real Trekker will set it to open voice commands so you can tell the phone out loud "call" and then the name of the contact. Then you're really living the dream. 
  6. Virtual Phaser - If you've ever wanted to work a phaser, Virtual Phaser could be your dream app. It's simple - an image of a phaser, and some buttons to push. The phaser fires a beam with an authentic phaser sound. You can even set it to overload. Not much more than that, but it's still cool.
  7. Tricorder - One of the coolest apps on the Android Market is Tricorder. It's an actual working tricorder. Sort of. It won't scan alien lifeforms or tell you if a red shirt is dead, but it will scan acoustics, magnetic fields, solar activity, and provide geographic information. For real, not pretend. Even if you have no idea what to do with the information, it's still awesome. 
  8. Star Traders RPG - If you want to play Captain Kirk and command your own starship, I recommend Star Traders RPG. It's an open-ended game similar to classic games like Elite and Freelancer. You decide if you want to be a trader, a pirate, a smuggler, or a bounty hunter in a unique and immersive galaxy.
  9. Google Sky Map - If you love Star Trek, then chances are good that you love astronomy. If you are, then Google Sky Map is indispensable. All you have to do is hold up the phone to the sky, and it will give you a real-time view of what constellations you're looking at. Not only is it an awesome astronomy app, it's also a very cool app to show off to your friends who don't have an Android phone.
  10. Galaxy Wire - To get updates on our real-world space travel, GalaxyWire gives you one touch access to all the latest news in astronomy and space exploration. There are tabs dedicated to the International Space Station, the US space shuttle program, and the news feeds for NASA, Space.com, and more.


    1. Well, this list is one reason why I think Android phones are better than the iPhone - most of these are not available for the iPhone for technical reasons. For example, the iPhone doesn't yet support widgets, so it couldn't do the combadge. Oh and live wallpapers...also not supported on the iPhone. And there was a non-working tricorder app on the Apple App Store, but Paramount forced them to take it out - thanks to the "walled garden" of the App Store.

    2. I don't own an iPhone, but CBS has an official Star Trek communicator for iPhone for $1.99. There's a STAR TREK Phaser by Paramount Digital Entertainment on the iTunes App Store too. It doesn't look like there's an official Tricorder app, but a German app does exist called Tricorder TR-580. Let us know what you think of them! Stay tuned for the blogfest!

    3. Are they available for iPads and iPhones as well?
      Looking forward to your Top Ten movie quotes later today!

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    5. Tricorder was forced off the appstore for copyright infringement.

    6. Yeah, Anarimus, I know. That sucks so bad.

    7. Klingon dictionary should be on this list.

    8. Ok, this stuff I gotta check out!

    9. Sounds awesome!!!

    10. theres also a really good one called Star Trek ToDo it looks like one of the control panels on the bridge or in engineering AND ITS GOT SOUND EFFECTS!!!!!

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