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This Week in TV Geek

Here's this week's geek on TV. Check your local listings for times and channel numbers.

No Ordinary Family
Tues, Nov 30
"No Ordinary Anniversary" Season 1, Episode 9
Episode Synopsis: Jim and Stephanie's plans for a romantic evening to celebrate their 18th anniversary go up in smoke when they harness their superpowers to go up against a serial arsonist. Meanwhile, with their parents out of the house, Daphne and JJ host a poker game, and use their abilities to win some big pots.

Stargate: Universe
Syfy, Tue, Nov 30
Episode Synopsis: The Destiny follows a remote energy signature to an area of space strewn with destroyed ships that are initially believed to be the remnants of an ancient battle. Elsewhere, Eli grapples with how he's going to tell his mother what really happened to him.

Human Target
FOX, Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010
"Taking Ames"
Episode Synopsis: Chance goes undercover as a jewel thief to keep an eye on Ames when she is lured into a criminal gang's attempted diamond heist.

The Big Bang Theory
CBS, Thu, Dec 2
"The Zazzy Substitution" - Repeat
Episode Synopsis: Everyone worries for Sheldon, who begins searching for non-human companionship.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Cartoon Network, Friday, Dec. 3 2010
"Pursuit of Peace"
Episode Synopsis: Senator Amidala faces danger from Count Dooku when she is attacked by Seperatists.

Movies on TV to watch
(Syfy) Terminators (2009) A small-town lawman leads the fight for survival when a military defense network sends its army of deadly cyborgs on a mission to wipe out humanity.
 (AMC) Independence Day (1996) A fighter pilot, a computer whiz and others fight back after 15-mile-wide alien ships zap Earth's major cities.
(Syfy) Ultraviolet (2006) Set in the late 21st century, a subculture of humans have emerged who have been modified genetically by a vampire-like disease (hemophagia), giving them enhanced speed, incredible stamina and acute intelligence.


  1. I wish we would have some intergalactic sf TV show :( I miss STAR TREK series.

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