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Harrison Ford: George Lucas Writes [bleep] Dialogue

In a recent interview in the Star Tribune about his new movie Morning Glory, the usually quiet Harrison Ford opened up about George Lucas' stilted dialogue. He says that on the set, Ford told Lucas exactly what he thought of it:
"I told him quite simply, 'George, you can type this (expletive), but you sure can't say it."
Guess that's why Ford famously changed and ad-libbed a lot of his dialogue, including the infamous response to Leia's "I love you" with "I know." Having seen very good actors woodenly reciting dialogue in the new trilogy, I can't disagree. [Source: Star Tribune]


  1. I know this is old news, but I thought it was a great quote and a good excuse to bring it up again.

  2. exactly - the acting and dialogue in the original trilogy was natural, dynamic and drew the viewers in

    the new trilogy was painful to watch by comparison

  3. Why is this news? Harrison has been telling the "you can type this $h17, George, but you can't say it" story since 1977.

    Some of the dialogue in the original trilogy is a little stilted when you think about it. The actors had more to work with, though, in that they had actual sets to work with instead of just a vast green room filled with green boxes representing vehicles or set-pieces.


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