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The Best Tweets From "Star Wars"

Topless Robot had an absolutely brilliant idea that I wish I had: what if Twitter existed in Star Wars? They had a contest for the best tweets from the Death Star during the rebel attack, and the results were absolutely hilarious. A lot of them weren't really something we could post on a family-friendly blog, so you can check them out at Topless Robot (warning: contains strong language). They announced their own winners, but here are what we think were the top ten funniest (and cleanest) contributions. If you're not familiar with Twitter, then a) you should get out more, b) the "@" symbol means the comment is replying to someone else.

1. TK421: Nocked out, yelld at 4 not @ post, and lost uniform to boot. ASSigned 2 garding cell blok 1138. Could this day get ANY worse? FML
2. Clonelover: LOL just saw gay golden droid come out of closet. Also Gary's dead.
3. Clone9376: @Clone7245 You think your job sucks? Big green laser breezes past me and I don't even have a rail to lean against.
4. Gunner2103: @Porkins Yo momma's so fat, before she sat down the main weapon was an outie.
5. CorellianPimp: I can't believe they bought that. 12 parsecs? Might as well have been 573 wookiemiles. 9384 jawameters. Effing N00bs.
6. @ReactorShaftTech5 Did an old man just fall past your station too?
7. STrooper95: I think that guy was lying. He seemed polite though. Wish more people asked how I was.
8. Guard33: Man it always smells like trash on cell block 1138. Why the hell did they have to put a vent to the trash compactor right in the hallway?!
9. Clone1459: Saw @Clone6721 fall off a rail-less platform today. He totally Wilhelm'd.
10. @Trooper8761 Dude, don't say anything but I'm in the ship that just came in and I need clothes..... now. Don't ask just help me.

Got any other Tweets from Star Wars?

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