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Contest Winners: Free JEDI JUNKIES Movie Giveaway

Congratulations to the two winners of the Jedi Junkies movie giveaway contest: Wzz (Ruth) and Scott Suehle!

Please send us your email addresses here so we can send you you're download codes. Enjoy your free movie!

Here's the full list of contestants:
  • Wzz (Ruth) - 62pts
  • UPDATE Auriette - 11pts
  • Scott Suehle - 8pts
  • Jappleseed - 1pt
  • SkaryDrunkguy - 1pt
  • Anonymous - 1pt
Thanks to Mark Editz for making the film and New Video Media as the digital distributor for giving us two codes to give away. Check them out on facebook.

If you didn't win, it's also available on iTunes(US) and Amazon VOD.

Look out for next month's contest where we'll be giving away some awesome t-shirts!

Update: I missed an entry because it was accidentally flagged as SPAM. If necessary I'll authorize an additional prize for the third place winner.


  1. I'm really bummed because I had 11 points, but clearly my entry didn't make it to you. I signed in with Disqus, and after I clicked to post, there was a message saying that it had to be approved by a moderator. Did you see it? Was it not approved for some reason? I'm not contesting the results; I'd just like to know if I did something wrong for my post not to be approved.


  2. Sorry Auriette. It was unfortunately the links that you included that flagged it. It was my fault that I didn't catch them earlier. I'll make sure you win one.

  3. Wow, Maurice, thank you! I honestly thought I'd somehow done something wrong, and I didn't expect you to change the winners. I am thrilled that I'm going to be able to download the movie, now. Thank you again!

  4. BTW, WUZ is my wife so we only really need one code.


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