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Want to Keep From Getting Stabbed in the Eye At Comic-Con?

It's all fun and games at Comic-Con till someone puts an eye out. The annual International Comic Convention (Comic-Con) is an event like no other with 100,000 people united by a love of comic books and science-fiction.

That is, until a scuffle over seats left one man with a Bic pen jammed in the eye.

Here's how San Diego police described the incident:
"Two males in their mid 20s attending Comic-Con in room H at the San Diego Convention Center got into a verbal argument. The room was very crowded and the males argued over one male sitting too close to the other.
The males got into a physical altercation and one male struck the other male near the eye with a pen. The male that was struck was taken to a local hospital with a minor cut on or near his eyelid. The suspect was arrested and booked for assault with a deadly weapon. Central Division is handling the investigation."
So, what have we learned from this?
  1. Don't sit too close to other dudes at Comic-Con.
  2. Do a preemptive eye poke on anyone in your immediate vicinity.
  3. Always carry a Star Trek Klingon knife in plain view as a deterrent.
  4. Watch out for pocket protectors. They may be loaded with eye pokers.
  5. If someone is wearing a "blood spattered" t-shirt, offer them your seat. On the flip-side, wearing a blood-stained t-shirt will get you great seats at Comic-Con.
  6. Wear your Nick Fury costume with its handy protective eye patch.
  7. If Convention Room H looks crowded, do the math. Count how many seats there are and how many guys are in the room. If there's one chair for every 100 guys, skip it or plan on standing.
  8. Don't sit too close to other dudes at Comic-Con.
Follow these guidelines and your eyes will be safe to ogle all the women in the Princess Leia Slave costumes. They're better in 3-D anyway.

Any other tips to keep from getting attacked at Comic-Con?
[Image source: Comicbookresources]

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