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Superhero Replica Suits Makes Motorcycles Even Cooler

As if riding a motorcycle wasn't cool enough, Universal Designs Ltd. is making it that much cooler with leather suits designed to make you look like a superhero. They've already been selling a suit to make you look like Wolverine (X-Men II) or boots to make you look like Batman (The Dark Knight). Now, they have a suit that will make you look like Iron Man. They call it the IRON MAN™ Mark V Motorcycle Suit. Here's how they describe it.
Devised from the latest advances in armor deployment technology, Tony Stark’s Mark V Armor is vastly more portable than his traditional Iron Man hardware… and now Universal Designs is bringing the Mark V to life as an officially licensed, ‘wearable’ form molded leather motorcycle suit.
This incredibly detailed, visually stunning ‘movie replica’ Motorcycle Suit takes this same armor concept one step further as a fully functional, ready-to-wear Screen Accurate Motorcycle Suit.
Make no mistake, this is not a costume. As a ‘replica’ of what IRON MAN™ ‘wears’ this motorcycle suit has been brought to life with real world function and use…all the while paying tribute to the IRON MAN™ suit as seen on the big screen in all it’s glory.
You can order the full suit for $1,900 or you can order just the pants, boots or gloves. Although, I can't imagine what you would wear with a pair of Iron Man boots. Maybe a sash? They go on sale from July 1st - Sept 15th 2010.

If you order one, do yourself a favor and buy a custom Iron Man helmet to go with the suit. We want you in one piece when you roll up at the comic conventions.

Would you wear one of these custom outfits? If so, which one and where?
Source: BusinessWire

[Image Source: UDReplicas]

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  1. This is a tough one. I like the Wolverine suit better. If you're a serious biker, the Ironman 2 suit will distinguish you from the shadows on the roads and may even keep you alive!


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