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Ken Watanabe Didn't Work with Green Screen for INCEPTION

My brother and I are huge fans of director Christopher Nolan. Besides his Batman films, his mind-blowing film The Prestige convinced us that smart science-fiction still exists. The science-fiction film Inception, about a group of thieves stealing from dreams, opens nation-wide July 16th. Over the next few weeks, we'll be doing daily posts on the development of the film.

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Ken Wanatabe, 50, plays Saito, also known as "The Tourist" in promotional material. He blackmails Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) to implant a memory in a dream.

Wanatabe is a hugely popular actor in Japan, but first worked with director Christopher Nolan as "Ras Al Ghol" in Batman Begins. He told BlackBookMag a surprising fact. "There wasn't even a green screen when we were shooting, so we were always surprised on set." He said, "Every day, we were like, wow. He wants to make the experience as realistic as possible for his actors. He built a regular set and then requested a rotating one to simulate zero gravity."

After seeing the trailers of the hugely complex scenes, and seeing the incredibly complex scenes, it's amazing to realize its all done on-screen.

Are you looking forward to Inception? Do you feel Nolan's approach to less CGI makes a film more realistic?
[Image source: io9]


  1. No green screen huh? That's pretty impressive I must say. I wonder how the budget for the movie differed because of that factor.

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