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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Says INCEPTION Director Can Do Anything He wants

My brother and I are huge fans of director Christopher Nolan. Besides his Batman films, his mind-blowing film The Prestige convinced us that smart science-fiction still exists. The science-fiction film Inception, about a group of thieves stealing from dreams, opens nation-wide July 16th. Over the next few weeks, we'll be doing daily posts on the development of the film.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt faced massive challenges on the film, training for weeks to shoot a long fight sequence that takes place along walls and ceilings. "It was also, probably, the most pain I’ve ever been in on a movie set, physically, " He said, "But you know, pain in a good way, like in the way I guess athletes must get when they have to put on their pads and they tape up their ankles and they get a little beat up throughout the day, but that’s just part of slamming yourself into walls and jumping around all day"

He said the extra exertion was a small price to pay for helping Nolan realize his vision. "It's just not that common that someone as creatively inspired as Chris just gets carte blanche to do whatever the h*** he wants," Gordon-Levitt told the New York Times. "Anything he can think of - anything - he got to do it."

Inception (2010) opens nationwide on July 16, 2010.

Will this film give Christopher Nolan more power in Hollywood? Is that even possible?

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