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Iowa Grows Corny Star Trek Record, Best Science Project Ever and 'Stretch Armstrong' Has the Worst Superpower : TWIG

Because even the Dark Side can be cute.
Pic of the week from http://www.myspace.com/yodanz
This week's news prove that Iowa grows more than corn, one kid makes the best science project ever and we answer the question "Does 'Stretch Armstrong' Have the worst superpower?"
  • At a Star Trek Convention in Iowa, 159 fans set out to break the London Guiness world record for the "most costumed Star Trek fans." The record was previously set by a London group of 99 in February of this year.

    Maurice: One of the main motivations of this drive was to set the record in the fictional birthplace of Captain Kirk. Without that, this record should be hard to break.
    Monkey Migraine: It's hard to imagine a geekier record to break except for most hours watching Star Trek.

  • Hibiki Kono, 13, who is a big fan of Spider-Man spent five months making a climbing machine using the suction from two Tesco Value vacuum cleaners. Is this the best science project ever?
    Maurice: It is amazing, especially since Mythbusters spent half an episode trying to build this and failed. Until they manage to make Kelly LeBrock out of a Barbie doll this guy is king.
    Monkey Migraine: This guy and the guy who made Wolverine claws should team up.

  • Taylor Lautner, who will star in a film based on the toy "Stretch Armstrong," said that Stretch has the "worst superhero power, possibly, to get." Is there really no worse superpower than being able to elongate your legs and arms?
    TOSS-UP: Who has the worse superpower: Matter-Eater Lad (who can eat anything) or Aquaman (who can talk to fish)?

    Maurice: Aquaman. At least Matter-Eater Lad could eat you out of a concrete building.
    Monkey Migraine: My vote is for Matter-Eater Lad. And the Invisible Girl has a lousy power. They retconned her to give her force field powers but her original invisibility power is useless in combat.

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