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INCEPTION'S Ellen Page Dreams When Shes Awake

My brother and I are huge fans of director Christopher Nolan. Besides his Batman films, his mind-blowing film The Prestige convinced us that smart science-fiction still exists. Over the next few weeks, we'll be doing daily posts on the development of the film. This summer, your mind is the scene of the crime.
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Ellen Page was nominated for playing a underage pregnant girl in Juno. Now, she plays Ariadne, an architecture student in Paris who is recruited by Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) for his corporate espionage team, which breaks into the dreams of billionaires using advanced technology. Her job is to use her knowledge and skills to build rooms and cityscapes in the shared world of dreams for them.

"I've often found myself sleepwalking and waking up in halls of hotels," she told Britain's Sunday Times. "If someone saw me, they would think I was awake, but I am seeing something else and I am communicating with it, whether it is a person or where I see something as obscure as a bird's nest or bugs." She didn't go so far as to connect this with her film role, but the obvious connection is there. She did say how much she enjoyed working on the film though.

"It was a very intimate experience as an actor and very fulfilling." She told LATimes, "It's this blockbuster monster but when you're working with Chris he does everything possible to make every single moment completely honest. And I've worked on a lot of independent movies where I wasn't working with a director that wanted and needed every moment to be completely honest."

At first, when I heard that Ellen and Joseph had joined the cast I thought it was because their up-and-coming young actors. Now I realize its because they give Nolan's movie the feel of a young independent film.

Are you looking forward to Inception? Do you think Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt will bring a fresh feel to this film?
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  1. To be honest I'm not the hug fans of Leonardo DiCaprio, but Inception is truly one of a kind. A concept which has long gestated in Christopher Nolan's mind, his eye for drama mixed with his large scale sensibilities ring true in Blockbuster season making Inception a true original in the sea of reboots, remakes and sequels. Also, thumbs up for Christopher Nolan great work.


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