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Happy Trails, SciFiWire.com

In May, Sci Fi Wire reached one million unique visitors. In June, Sci Fi Wire topped it with 1.4 million unique visitors. That's impressive.

Beginning today, one of our favorite science-fiction blogs "Sci Fi Wire" is rebranding and changing the name to Blastr.com. They're promising a "daily curated smorgasbord of news, features, images, popular science, videos and guest bloggers."

I'll miss the old name, just like I miss the name Sci-Fi. "SciFi Wire" told you everything you needed to know about the blog. Of course, with all their great content they could call it PimpleBuster.com and we'd still go read it every day.

You can find out more here.

Does the rebranding mean you're more or less likely to visit Blastr.com?

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